Corinthian Bells - 78" T936

Made from aluminum alloy tubes and braided nylon cording that’s treated to be weather and UV resistant. The striker is made from a soft, ultra-high-density polymer material which gives each chime a gentle, soothing reverberation.


Please Note: Product may be shipped directly from Wind River Chimes.


Overall Length (Inches): 78"
Number of Tubes: 6
Hand-Tuned to Scale: B
Display Dimensions (Inches): 78"L x 14"H x 14"W
Diameter of Tubes (Inches): 2 1/2"
Length of Longest Tube (Inches): 47 3/4"
Notes in Chime: B C# D# F G# A#
Weight: 47.0 lb

Corinthian Bells®


Corinthian Bells - 78" T936